Bonnie McKee “Sleepwalker”

(official single artwork)

Sleepwalker” is the brand new inbetweenigle by songwriter-singer…Bonnie McKee.

Bonnie McKee is originally a songwriter, she has written hits for Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, Britney Spears & Ke$ha. It has always been her “secret” plan to be a recording artist…in fact she had an album out back in like 2006 titled “Trouble“. The album didnt do very good, but now she’s back creating her seconend studio album scheculded for 2014.

Bonnie McKee has had her first single out of her new album entitled “American Girl” released back in July and now shes realeasing her first Pringle (pre-single). Which is “Sleepwalker” a perfect song for Halloween this year.

McKee, also released the official video to the song, the music video is a story about a party which gets infatuated with Zombies (check it out in this link:

(listen to the song below)

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