Alexandra Stan – Stop Violence Start Singing!

Alexandra Stan…She’s known for her international hit “Mr.Saxobeat” & “Lemonade“. She released her Debut Album “Saxobeats” that came out in 2011. Stan, was planning to release her second album in September this year.

But something tragic happened on Jul 15 2013 Alexandra got beaten up by her manager/boyfriend supposedly over money issues. A few weeks later Alexandra came out the the press (while she was still in hospital) and told the media what happened.

In August 2013, she was recovered and ready to get back on her feet. She still having a little hiatus from bringing out music after she cancelled/scrapped the second album. She was dropped from MANNSTUDIOS. because of the incident.

And now she is starting a campaign against all domestic violence. stating ‘no-one should have to go through domestic abuse’. Because i’m a really big fan of her i’m following this campaign and anyone else that that loves Alexandra Stan or just likes this idea. should get behind it.

(update: Alexandra Stan his working on her comeback single and will be released soon)

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