Neon Hitch “301 To Paradise” (Mixtape)

“Love U Betta” & “Gold” where two of Neon Hitch’s biggest starter songs. After being released by Warner Bros. She went on a journey back to her roots. And now has come back ready for the new year with her new style which Neon decribes as “Vintage Gpsy-pop.”

Earlier this year she released an EP/Mixtape called Happy Neon which she discribed as a story about her life. with songs like “Pink Feilds” – a song she wrote when actually froliking the the famous pink fields in london, “Jailhouse” – which was a song about her ex lable Warner Bros. Her music is very open to her life.

Now she has been working on more music so, she is releasing a new Mixtape titled 301 To Paradise set to release 3/01 (3rd Jan) next year. Neon stated that it was a great preview of whats to come from her debut album in 2014. Its still a little unkown about how many tracks on the album but theese songs have been listed.

  • “Some Like It Hot”
  • “Salt & Honey”
  • “COLORS”
  • “Red Lights”
  • “Rich As Royalty”

Life is a rollercoaster.. But the dark places help you find yourself. I’m on a journey which recently took a new direction and I want to bring you with me. I’ve gone back to my roots “vintage Gypsy Pop” and as an introduction to my brand new album I’m making, I’ve made you a free mixtape called “301 to paradise” with the help of my boys @kineticsmusic $ @oneloveonline ..I made a collage to express what’s inside my mind and this is the cover art… Look closely And get the mixtape for free on 3 / 01 !! (3rd jan) -qouted by Neon Hitch

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